Are YOU or a loved one affected by Accessible Parking Abuse?

“We need Local Volunteers to help us change the behaviour of drivers who park illegally in Accessible Parking Bays”

YOU can help in three powerful ways…

Watch the video now to discover the 3 simple ways you can help us ensure that disabled people can use Accessible Parking when they need it…

  1. Add local Accessible Parking Bays to the home screen map in the Parking Mobility app using your smart phone. Now they can be found easily!
  2. Report illegal use of Accessible Parking using the Parking Mobility app on your phone.
  3. Help us reduce Accessible Parking abuse and keep disabled people safer and healthier!

Local Volunteer ID Card — Minnie MBrowse our website, watch our videos, then join us in helping to reduce the very real health and safety risks to disabled people caused by thoughtless people who abuse Accessible Parking. Help us to map all Accessible Parking Bays in your locality so they can easily be found by people who need them. And report accessible parking abuse so we can present local councils, State governments, police and others with the FACTS about the scope and size of the problem in their local areas.

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